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The Chinese and their Greens (Part 2/12)

Fresh mushrooms, angled luffa, garlic and ginger

Welcome to part 2/12 of my series, 'Chinese and their Greens'. If any of you have been to a local wet market, you have surely seen these long, pointy, angled vegetables that seem to be present at every vegetable vendor yet you have no idea what you could possibly do with them. They are part of the luffa family of vegetables and are known by many names such as luffa gourd, sponge gourd, angled gourd and ridged luffa to name a few. Although the outer skin seems tough, it is actual edible as are the seeds although some people would peel away the ridged part as it is quite hard. The flesh, on the other hand, is spongy and soft.

Pork slices


Today, I decided to keep it simple like I do with most of my homey local dishes and created a quickly sautéed luffa gourd with fresh mushrooms (any kind is fine) and just a bit of pork slices for flavour.

If you join the weekday evening cooking demos that will be held this summer starting the first week of July, they may include this delicious dish that is so good served with rice! Stay tuned for dates, times and menus!

Sautéed angled luffa with fresh mushrooms and pork
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