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The Chinese and their Greens (10/12)

Believe it or not, potatoes have gone way beyond from just being mashed or french fried. They can be very tasty while cooking Asian style too! All you need is some inspiration. This time, I'm introducing two dishes that are quick, tasty and very economical.

If beef is your thing, fire up your trusty wok with some vegetable oil, minced garlic and ginger. Next, add some beef slices or minced beef (marinaded with a pinch of salt and sugar, a dash of vegetable oil and light soy sauce plus 1/2 tsp of cornstarch) and fry until half cooked. Throw in your potatoes, cut French fry style. Pour on the Kecap Manis and a dash of salt and do a quick toss to coat everything. Add a sprinkle of water and cover for a minute or two until the potatoes have softened and give it a taste to see if you need to drizzle more of that wonderfully sweet soy sauce and dish up! Don't forget the generous sprinkling of spring onion and serve!

This one is also a winner! The important thing is to make sure that you have soaked and rinsed (many times) the shredded potatoes until the water runs clear. You don't want any of the starch or your dish won't be crunchy like it should. Use Zhenjiang black vinegar, light soy sauce and a generous pinches of sugar as seasonings and DON'T sauté too long. If only needs to be just cooked, meaning still crunchy. The spiciness of red Birdseye chilli and green Anaheim peppers will lend a lot to the flavour so use as much as your tastebuds will allow. The beauty of this dish is that it is VEGAN so it suits everyone!

This has already been taught in my summer cooking classes but you never know when I will have another special request :).

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