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Making Crabcakes Makes Me Crabby

Blue Crabs

What you see is definitely what you get sometimes.

So thinking that a 50% discount on frozen blue crabs was a steal, I was already excited about making crabmeat stuffed mushrooms and tomatoes even before I made it to the check out.

Two months later, after they had been bought and safely stored in my freezer, I was still procrastinating about the effort it would take to shell 16 crabs.

Well today I decided to delay no longer.

Will I ever do it again? NO WAY!

After taking up a better part of my morning, I managed to get enough meat out of those little crustaceans for a meal for two. Gosh!

No wonder we pay a bundle for teeny crab cakes in those posh restaurants.

Anyway, forget about trying to get anything out of those legs so decided to boil all the shells in a pot for a broth that I have now safely and lovingly set aside in my freezer.

Penang style noodles, here I come!

Stay tuned for when that lovely crabby, coconut-y aroma begin to waft from my kitchen into your computer!

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