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The Chinese and their Greens (Part 6/12)

Chinese Kale, ginger juice, oyster sauce

What's not to love about Chinese baby kale (pronounced 'gai lan') except when you fail to buy it in season and end up eating them bitter rather than sweet and crunchy? I first tried this specific dish in a Chinese restaurant and thought to myself, 'This is good!' Too bad for most of us, that's as far as it gets. But replicating the same delicious dishes we enjoy at our favourite haunts is a cinch if we'd only stay off our phones and pay more attention to what we are actually eating. Let those flavours sink in and get in touch with our food again! In my case, I was rediscovering ginger...lots and lots of ginger with a touch of oyster sauce and a splash of rice wine. Give this one a go if you're feeling like leafy greens will do the trick for you that evening. Grate the ginger so the juice and the pulp can be separated. Fry the pulp in some vegetable oil first before adding the kale into the wok. Then spritz will lots of ginger juice, drizzle in a bit of rice wine and season with oyster sauce. Keep tossing until every leaf is nicely coated. Try not to over cook this one or you'll lose the crunchiness and vibrant green colour. This will definitely be served up in my summer evening cooking classes starting July 4th so stay tuned. Better yet, send me a message to sign up!

Chinese Kale, Oyster Sauce, Ginger

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