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Nostalgic Tour of Shamshuipo

So I grew up in Vancouver and I didn't make it back to Hong Kong permanently until January 1993. On top of that, my grandparents lived in Kennedy Town and whenever I did visit before that year, that was where I stayed. Who am I to get all nostalgic? Truth be told that Shamshuipo is one of the few places left in Hong Kong that hasn't yet been completely gentrified so THIS IS THE PLACE TO GET A TASTE OF NOSTALGIA in terms of local food and sights. Getting away from the cooking classes and kitchen for the weekend was refreshing but it was a bittersweet moment for me and Alex to stroll around trying all the wonderful authentic eats that Hong Kong still has to offer but at the same time realising that they will all be gone within the next decade (probably). If you want to know what 'cheung fun with peanut sauce' should really taste like or how 'put chai ko' should have crunchy red beans rather than scant over-steamed mushy ones or the how the real-deal 'siu mai' is supposed to have real pork in it and not just doughy flour or find out how 'al dente' wonton noodles should be 'bouncy', you must make a point to visit. Take your mom or your grandparents or your kids. This honestly may be your last chance so don't miss out! Be sure you know exactly which shops to visit though or otherwise, you are set for disappointment. Alex and I hit all the shops right on the nose and boy, were we rewarded! A trip down memory lane that I want to do over and over again! Look me up and we can set a weekend to do it together!

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