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Resolution and Procrastination are Synonyms

Such a small woman but she has got so much spunk and attitude!

My oh-so-lovable godfather! He is so old, he's got white whiskers growing out of his ears!

She's not really that small, she just likes sitting on the floor.

What a rude awakening! To realise my resolutions means to just do it rather than think it. It's been a month into 2017 now and I am still only thinking...this is obviously getting me nowhere.

Last Saturday, on the first Lunar Day of the Chinese New Year, I do what I do every year and visit my godparents, play some games and then eat. Then after enjoying their company, hospitality and delicious home-made food so much, I go home promising myself that I will visit BEFORE the next Chinese New Year. I am such a loser. Another year goes by and I don't visit. So what is different this time? I find out that my godfather is not 70-something like I tell my oldest child when she asks but he is already 85! HOLY CRIPES! When did he become so old? Have I been so selfish and caught up in my life that couldn't even keep count? Yet he still has it in him to laugh and to hug and to share stories. Let me re-iterate: I AM SUCH A LOSER!

Oh and now onto the food! What I wouldn't give to learn how my vegetarian godmother makes those heavenly morsels of lovely food! I better get off my big behind and MTR it over to Kowloon Bay more often to spend quality time with people who are so important to me rather than sit here and think I will.

Some of the best cooks in the world are the ones that lovingly slave in those teeny tiny humble Hong Kong kitchens. They do it when no one is around to see or watch and when it's done, it's all gobbled up without a thought of the time, effort and care that has been put into the process. Home chefs should be more recognised and appreciated. Their skills and knowledge took years, even decades, to acquire and hone.

Guess where I am off to visit next month :)!

Happy eating and happy new year!

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